Would love your support

“I’ve recently started a YouTube channel about heathy hair (journey to waist length) and health start from within and the mind, and would love your support in reaching my first 100 subscribers. Right now we are at 74 subscribers. All you need to do is go to https://goo.gl/sVKBqz and click the red SUBSCRIBE button. For…

How to Retain length for 4c Natural Hair

1. Keep your scalp clean: shampoo your hair at lease once or twice a month and in section. Since 4c natural hair shrinks a lot and tangles easily , it is good to wash it in 4-12 sections depending on the length of your length. 2. Trim your hair as needed Don’t have a schedule…

Speak Life

Happy new year. This year is our year of Series of Victories In 2018 I believed lots of lies that I told myself I didn’t feel like I was worth anything I didn’t feel like I was fearfully and wonderfully made I felt like I was not loved Not beautiful And the list goes on….

Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss

Going through postpartum shedding again with my second baby. I thought I was in the clear unless I work up the next day with no edges. Yes no edges. Smh 🤦‍♀️ just made some hair growth oil and I pray it works because I miss my edges. Edge hair growth oil recipe 2 tablespoon Jamaican…

Healthy Hair Journey Update

Yay can’t believe it’s six months already. Little by little my hair is growing. I am retaining about half an inch a month which is awesome. Below are some pictures from beginning to now.

Hair Journey products (Regimen)

Started a hair journey to tail bone length.. I freshly cut my hair on March 30, 2018. My goal is to grow my hair to tail bone length by March 30, 2023 God willing. Beginning length, 2.5 inches all over. Hair products Shampoo 1. Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil shampoo 2. Bentonite clay with…

Benefit of Aloe Vera in Hair

Adding aloe Vera spritz to my hair regimen. Aloe Vera is filled with so much benefit. My goal is to increase my hair growth to 1 inch a month if possible but if not I will settle for 1/2 inch a month like our hair is suppose to grow. Recipe 1/2 cup aloe Vera juice…

Emotions I Felt After Finding Out I am Pregnant Again

If you have ever been pregnant after a loss, perhaps you can relate to this list of things I feel when I get pregnant. I have a negative RH blood type meaning whenever I get pregnant with a positive RH baby, my blood starts to fight the baby and kill it before I know it….

He is here

To God be the glory our precious Baby Josiah is here. We are forever grateful. Date of Birth: 07/15/18 Baby’s Weight: 7lb 9oz Baby’s Length: 19 3/4 inches