Healthy Hair Journey

9 months natural

Front left: 6 inches

Front right: 6 inches

Back left: 6 inches

Back right: 6 inches

Front: 6 inches

6 months undate

Front left: 5.5 inches

Front right: 5.5 inches

Back left: 5.5 inches

Back right: 5 inches

Front: 5 inches

5months 08/26/2018 Stretched using African threading

Freshly washed hair no products

loosing my edges. Right side

loosing my edges. Left side

August 26th, 2018

5 months natural. Starting to lose my edges again. I thought with the second baby it won’t happened but was I wrong. Left see how long it takes me to grow my edges back

Front left: 5.3 inches

Front right: 5.3 inches

Front: 5.5 inches

Back left: 5 inches

Back right: 5 inches

August 6th, 2018

4 months 1 week

Front left: 5 inches

Front right: 5 inches

Front: 5 inches

Back left: 5 inches

Back right: 5 inches

June 2018

3 months healthy hair journey update

Front left: 4.5 inches
Front right: 4.5 inches

Front: 4.5 inches
Back left: 4.5 inches
Back right: 4.5 inches

April 2018

One month after the big chop. Hair is growing and looks healthy… 3.5 inches long all over.

Front left: 3.5 inches
Front right: 3.5 inches

Front: 3.5 inches
Back left: 3.5 inches
Back right: 3.5 inches

March 2018

Second big chop March 30, 2018. Starting all over. Length: 2.5 inches all over. Let the journey begin. Hair goal by March 30, 2019 is for my hair to be healthy, thick and full. Length should be at least 8 inches long. Meaning it will be 8.5 and I will cut off .5 inches from it.

Front left: 2.5 inches
Front right: 2.5 inches

Front: 2.5 inches
Back left: 2.5 inches
Back right: 2.5 inches

February 2018

May 2017



December 30th, 2016

Front left: 12.5 inches
Front right: 13 inches
Back left: 13 inches
Back right: 13 inches

May 14th, 2016




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