I find prayer very difficult to do sometimes. I keep telling myself if God knows my heart and knows what i’m going through then why do i need to pray to Him. Prayer is our way of communicating with God and he wants to have a relationship with you that is why prayer is important….


THE SMILE ON MY FACE DOESN’T MEAN MY LIFE IS PERFECT. IT MEANS I APPRECIATE WHAT I HAVE AND WHAT GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH. Being a mom doesn’t mean only giving birth. It is putting someone else feeling and needs above yours. Learning and knowing what is right for them even when they don’t…

Giving up

One day I thought of giving up but one friend whom I barely talked to told me never to give up and I listened to him. I never gave up on what I wanted to give up on. n that was the best decision ever.thanks to him. If he never told me not to give up, I…

Sleep disorder

Lol seriously I am at the stage where I don’t know what sleep is anymore. Lord have mercy.