10 sign you are becoming overly stress

I kept wondering and thinking I was getting sick. I saw all of the signs but ignored them. Hope this helps youm if you have any of these signs watch out and slow down. Take a break and relax.  An abundance of nervous energy Stress causes stimulation. If you feel an abundance of nervous energy,…


THE SMILE ON MY FACE DOESN’T MEAN MY LIFE IS PERFECT. IT MEANS I APPRECIATE WHAT I HAVE AND WHAT GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH. Being a mom doesn’t mean only giving birth. It is putting someone else feeling and needs above yours. Learning and knowing what is right for them even when they don’t…

🐒🐵Nursery Decordation🐵🐒

Finally put the decorations up, but wait i didnt do it by myself. Friends from church came to visit and they offered to do it for me. They did a great job. Thanks ladies. It looks awesome.

Help Help Help

I can not make up my made between these two… Should I get the first one or the second one for the baby’s nursery 1.  2.  What do you think the first one or the second one??????

Good Relationship

It is important to invest into a good relationship. you can build a relationship without money related. Learn to relate with everyone. You may not necessary like everything they do. Sometimes if you need help the person you are really close to won’t help you but someone who is far will be there to help….

Giving up

One day I thought of giving up but one friend whom I barely talked to told me never to give up and I listened to him. I never gave up on what I wanted to give up on. n that was the best decision ever.thanks to him. If he never told me not to give up, I…

Sleep disorder

Lol seriously I am at the stage where I don’t know what sleep is anymore. Lord have mercy.

I am still waiting

Still waiting on my encourager, not someone who will give up on me when I tell them how I actually feel. I find it funny how whenever I tell other people around me how I actually feel they just drop me and cut me off. They behave like I need or should be able to encourage…

You are not alone

It is human to cry. Crying helps you to heal. Cry with friends, family, and alone. Do not be scared to cry because you feel like you have to be strong for everyone around you. It is okay to cry when someone you love dies. Psalm 30:5 – Weeping may endure for a night, but…