Bumpdate: 28 weeks

It took me a while to finally do one of these but I believe its about time. I will be doing update every two weeks until i get to 36 weeks and then I will do it every week. How far along: 28 weeks, 7th month How many days left: 83 days to go Gender: boy Total weight…

Annoying things I’ve heard since I became pregnant

“Oh wow you are getting big?” Really why you expect me to stay the same “Your boobs are huge?” seriously do you have to say it out loud. “Sleep while you can”. Well thank you I am looking forward to the sleepless night “oh wow really you are tiny, your baby is going to weigh…

I am still waiting

Still waiting on my encourager, not someone who will give up on me when I tell them how I actually feel. I find it funny how whenever I tell other people around me how I actually feel they just drop me and cut me off. They behave like I need or should be able to encourage…

Protective style (braids) 

   I get people asking me how long it takes me to braid my own hair so I timed it this time.. Box Braids is going to be my protective style through this journey… Will keep it in for 4-5 weeks, give my hair one week of break and rebraid it again. 

❤️💋🙊😳Wow ❤️💋🙊😳

The first one was taken in January 2015 and the second one in June of this year(2015)… I thought my hair wasn’t growing until I saw this picture. Thank God for pictures lol. I have even changed a little since then. Glory to God.