The way He loves me

I dont need another tragedy. I felt pain and it been dark. Sometimes the pain and scares is all I can remember but I know that there is one friend I can depend on. Please don’t never let me go God. Help me father because I need you now. I surrender to you oh Lord….

Post pregnancy update

Today is 3 weeks since I had baby Anvo. E.M. is doing pretty good. He is eating well and already learned how to roll to his side. Playing with saliva and spitting. As for me, I am recovering well. My two weeks appointment went well. I am breast feeding exclusively. Waiting until he is 3months…

Baby Shower/baby bumpdate

Prepare yourself because this is going to be a long update. I had three baby showers in a week. I can not believe how blessed we are to have lots of people in our lifes who care and loves us. Our church throw us a surprise baby shower on Sunday 02.28.2016. We had all these…


i have learnt so many lessons in life… sometimes i just say to myself things happens for a reason. somethings i regret happening but some i dont. but in all im glad im still alive. and im going to enjoy every little bit of it. and im alive for a reason. and im going to…

Hair progress

Left is from Jan 2015 and right is December 2015. Wow big difference. Its good to take pictures.

Wedding anniversary

Thank God for adding another year… it is such a blessing. Im happy and g lad that i got married to my bestfriend.

You Are Unique

Good Morning everyone/ Bonjour tout le monde: Pray y’all had a good weekend. I had one person come to me this morning at work for their check as usual but this was different. She asked me a question and her question was if I work out. In my head I thought that was just a…