loving someone at the wrong time. not really appreciating someone until the person walks away finding out that you love someone right after they walk out of your life. what would you call this hmmm idk let go if you are hurting too much. it’s okay to cry. someone would be crying for your love…


i have learnt so many lessons in life… sometimes i just say to myself things happens for a reason. somethings i regret happening but some i dont. but in all im glad im still alive. and im going to enjoy every little bit of it. and im alive for a reason. and im going to…

Bumpdate: 28 weeks

It took me a while to finally do one of these but I believe its about time. I will be doing update every two weeks until i get to 36 weeks and then I will do it every week. How far along: 28 weeks, 7th month How many days left: 83 days to go Gender: boy Total weight…

Hair progress

Left is from Jan 2015 and right is December 2015. Wow big difference. Its good to take pictures.

Wedding anniversary

Thank God for adding another year… it is such a blessing. Im happy and g lad that i got married to my bestfriend.

You Are Unique

Good Morning everyone/ Bonjour tout le monde: Pray y’all had a good weekend. I had one person come to me this morning at work for their check as usual but this was different. She asked me a question and her question was if I work out. In my head I thought that was just a…

Protective style (braids) 

   I get people asking me how long it takes me to braid my own hair so I timed it this time.. Box Braids is going to be my protective style through this journey… Will keep it in for 4-5 weeks, give my hair one week of break and rebraid it again.