Everyone hurts and we all ask why  but sometimes we forget to pray.  Because prayer is a powerul tool.  Pray until God heals the hurt dont give up my friends.  You are not the only one going through what you going through  just remember that the hurt is not for long.  Happy new year 

10 Lame excuses

These are excuses I keep making for not going back to school. Have to stop making excuses and just get it done. 

DIY: Homemade Deep Condition

1 banana  1 egg 1tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp grapeseed oil Yesterday I used it on my hair for the first time. And my hair felt fabulous. Really good, really soft, really manageable.  Mixed it all together and left it on my hair for 30mins. You can leave it in for 30min-1hr. I just fell…

10 sign you are becoming overly stress

I kept wondering and thinking I was getting sick. I saw all of the signs but ignored them. Hope this helps youm if you have any of these signs watch out and slow down. Take a break and relax.  An abundance of nervous energy Stress causes stimulation. If you feel an abundance of nervous energy,…

Jesus is our comforter

In sorrow, Jesus, Your comfort will take all the bitterness and longing away and give me courage to face the heartache. Your grace will console me and Your arms will support me. Thank You, dear Lord.

I am still waiting

Still waiting on my encourager, not someone who will give up on me when I tell them how I actually feel. I find it funny how whenever I tell other people around me how I actually feel they just drop me and cut me off. They behave like I need or should be able to encourage…

Ablaze dancers

   We are on fire for God. We dance for The Lord. We did a dance today in church and it was too powerful. We dance for The Lord all day long. My question today is, what are you doing for The Lord?  Do you know how to sing, dance, write?  Well whatever your talent…

Spaghetti Salad

   Half onion Half green pepper 2 tomatoes  1 carrot  Salt to taste 1 egg  1 tablespoon of oil  1 Ramen noodle soup     I don’t know the name to really give to this good so I call it vegetable spaghetti or spaghetti salad sometimes. It’s very simple and takes only 10 minute to prepare….