Aloe Vera for hair

I used aloe Vera to pre-poo my hair yesterday and it made my hair super soft. I just had to share it.I love the way it made my hair feel. And it looks so shiny. This is my hair with out any product in it. Freshly washed hair. You can see how shiny it is.

  1. aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which help heal and repair the damaged cells in your scalp.
  2. This improves follicle health and indirectly boosts healthy and faster hair growth.
  3. Not only does the proteolytic enzyme help heal the scalp, but it also helps stimulate dormant hair follicles, promoting hair regrowth.
  4. It also helps curb hair fall and controls hair shedding, ensuring that your hair remains thick and voluminous.
  5. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe your scalp of irritation and aggravation.
  6. Its antifungal and antiviral properties help cure dandruff and flaking.
  7. Aloe vera’s high content of protein, vitamins, and minerals help it nourish your follicles and hair efficiently.
  8. The moisture content of aloe vera helps condition your hair, locking in nutrients and hydration.

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