💕What it means to be a mother💕


Well let me start by saying that being a mom is more than just giving birth. It is loving unconditionally and caring for someone other than yourself. It’s teaching your kid that they are smart, funny and that they can do great things. Being a mom is being a mentor. Someone they can look up to and being dependable. Being a mom is helping them build their self esteem and supporting and loving them unconditionally. Before I was even a mom my nickname was “mommy Bianca” at first I didn’t get it but now I do. You do not have to give birth to a child to be a mom to someone or to be called mommy by someone else. Being a mom is being selfless.

Being a mom has been the most challenging but rewarding job I have ever had! I’m here to tell you that mothers day is not about you. It not about how many kids you have or not having a kid. Mother’s day is about honoring your mother if she is still alive or honoring someone in your life that you see as a mother figure. This year I challenge you to honor and thank God for the mother He gave you. If your mom is not alive, find a mother figure to be a blessing to. As the bible says, it is a blessing to give than to receive. If you are hurting this mother’s day, find someone to encourage them. Don’t forget to smile and stay blessed. Happy mothers day in advanced.



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  1. ppromstory says:

    Love this! I know I’m early, but I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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    1. Awe thank you… happy mother’s day to you too. 💕

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      1. ppromstory says:

        Thank you!!


      2. You are welcome 😘


  2. NBA says:

    Sustain the amazing work !! Lovin’ it!


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