Words are powerful 

Its hard to believe that a woman who looks so pretty and happy outside can have so much going on, on the inside. She wishes she can explain it to someone, but how? & who? The baggage seems to have grown over the years. 

Growing up I believed that I would never amount to nothing just by words that was told to me. Words are powerful so becareful how you use them. Think twice before you say something to someone. I grew up thinking that I was not pretty and not smart.

 I have to let go and be a free person from the past and what others have said about me. The woman I was meant to be is full of potential and capable of doing extraordinary things through faith. 


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  1. Myesha says:

    Great post and you are amazing !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thanks sis. 😘👍🏼


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