New me and i’m ready to stay


i suffered in silence

Bitter, angry, alone.

Scared of the unknown

confused , messed up, hurt

here, there, i can’t possibly be everywhere

backing out and turning away

where do i belong

hmmm i don’t know. or maybe i do

One person i can go to is God.

He said i should come to Him

and i will be happy

and all my problems would be gone

he kept me alive for a reason.

I’m alive for a reason and its not for me to be sad and depress.

With God the price is paid and paid in full.

I am new, the old me is gone

I’m here to stay

I’m going to be a cheerful person

because that’s the person I am and would always be

I am happy, no longer sad

no, not bitter not even mad anymore

I can smile, laugh, giggle, and rejoice

That’s me, this is me I finally made a Choice to be Happy for me.



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