Story of my life

Ever since I was a kid all I ever heard was you are not pretty at all.

your sister is prettier than you.  So I basically grew up believing it.

That I was ugly and not a pretty person. i became a very sad and depress person but nobody knew about it.

I grew up believing nobody loved me even though I got people telling me i love you.

I never believed it because I believed that there is nothing called love.

so I woke up one day and told myself I am not going to let people determine how i should feel, how i should think and what they think is best for me.

So anytime someone told me you are not pretty i just laugh about it.

and laughing became my drug and as to how i ignore negative comments from people.

And now i get people asking me why do you laugh about everything.

this is the reason i love to laugh a lot.

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  1. Well Said says:

    I know the feeling. I got made fun of a lot growing up so it took me years to begin to think I was any kind of beautiful and drop the negative self image, and my bf tells me everyday so that always helps :p I’ve come to know that when other people are not happy with themselves they will take it out on others. I always thought you were beautiful! Just don’t laugh at anything I say or I’ll think I said something wrong…haha just kidding. 🙂

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    1. awe I’m happy that you have dropped the negative image of yourself too. You are beautiful. I believe that the people that usually make fun of others have image problems themselves. It definitely helps to her how beautiful you are from your significant other. awe thanks sis. hahahaha you know that would even make me laugh more. 🙂


  2. lilzoom says:

    I think you are pretty.

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