Annoying things I’ve heard since I became pregnant


  1. “Oh wow you are getting big?” Really why you expect me to stay the same
  2. “Your boobs are huge?” seriously do you have to say it out loud.
  3. “Sleep while you can”. Well thank you I am looking forward to the sleepless night
  4. “oh wow really you are tiny, your baby is going to weigh 3 pound. Thank you for that comment
  5. “Your belly is not that big so stop walking like it is”. Now you are going to tell me how to walk too.
  6. “Are you planning on breastfeeding?” Is that really your business whether i choose to breastfeed or not.
  7. “Are you allowed to eat that?” Excuse me when did you become my doctor
  8. “Was it planned?” Hmmmm really whether it was planned or not, I’m pregnant and we are keeping it.
  9. “You look exhausted” Duh I’m growing another human being in me. What is your excuse.
  10. “Oh, I never had any morning sickness and my pregnancy was such a breeze”. Well good for you. Wish i can say that same thing but no since i have what the doctors call hyperemesis gravidarum.
  11. “You still have time, you have X amount of weeks to wait”. Really are you sure because this is going by quickly and i believe the baby will be hear before i know it.
  12. “Who will watch the baby when you go back to work?” hmm you i guess. smh
  13. “You are definitely having a girl since your belly is so small”. Really…I’m sorry but you are wrong.
  14. “You are pregnant? I thought you were eating too much” I didn’t know you were keeping tab on my diet.


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  1. themrsyepes says:

    Love this list!!

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  2. Hannah Lucio says:

    Love it! I actually was told a few of these things but the worst one was the last one. They thought I was just gaining weight….oh yeah? All in my stomach and its looking like a basketball? HAHA Anyway, great list!


    1. Awe thank you… i know right its the worst.Like seriously people smh.Hahaha thanks.

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  3. Angela says:

    Oh my gosh, #1 and #3 get on my nerves! First some people say I’m really big, then others say I’m small. I just think well all that matters is what my midwife says. Second I barely get good sleep now! I don’t want to hear about how hard it will be to get sleep when he’s here!

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    1. I know right me too. I get that all the time.. some people think im getting big and some think im really small. It get really annoying sometimes. Yep all that matters is the baby is okay n growing well. I could babrely sleep anyway so to me thats just practice before the baby comes.


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