2016 Goals


Each year many people make a new year’s resolution but turns to give up after the first week of January. There is nothing wrong with making these new year’s resolutions. All of us make new year’s resolutions that we fail to keep. I call mine goals instead of resolution. So far for the passed 3 years it has been working for me. I am going to take mine a day and a week at a time because everyday is a new beginning and every Sunday is the first day of the week.
My goals are:

1. Read my bible everyday. (Make a regular habit of spending time with God, delighting, desiring and meditating on His word. ”Happiness comes from what happens to you. Blessing is what happens to you through knowing God and meditating on His word”

2. Focus on God. The year of loving the Lord.

3. Pray one hour a day. The bible says pray without ceasing.

4. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby

5. Love my husband the best way i can, be a good mother and wife

6. Get a job with my bachelor’s degree

7. Start my masters degree in August 2016

8. Have a healthy long hair. Hair goal bra strap. Get to line 13.



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As I begin a new year, Lord, I pray that my walk through the days ahead will be filled with Your Love for others, a love that does not count the cost”

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