I am still waiting


Still waiting on my encourager, not someone who will give up on me when I tell them how I actually feel. I find it funny how whenever I tell other people around me how I actually feel they just drop me and cut me off. They behave like I need or should be able to encourage myself and bring myself up. It is like “hey girl it’s either you want to do this or you don’t.” “I don’t have time for someone like you.” But the funny thing is that they come back and ask me how I am feeling and expect me to actually tell them the truth about how I am actually feeling. They don’t really want to know how I am feeling. I mean that’s how I see it. Don’t ask me a question if you don’t really want to her my response to that question. Maybe I am being too much I don’t know. But I know my help comes from the Lord and so far He is the only one I can trust with how I actually my feelings and someone who will not judge me.

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