You Are Unique


Good Morning everyone/ Bonjour tout le monde:

Pray y’all had a good weekend. I had one person come to me this morning at work for their check as usual but this was different. She asked me a question and her question was if I work out. In my head I thought that was just a random question so I laughed and told her no I do not work out. Which is the truth because I do not have time to work out and every time I tell myself I am going to work out, it never happens. I told her I do walk and even at work I do not take the elevator I walk up and down the stairs. I then went on to tell her that I do dance in church so that also helps me keep in shape.

That’s when she said that makes sense. Then again I got confused and then she said that I love your spirit and we started talking about God. She got really happy and started talking about herself and then her son. She was happy that at my young age I am serving the Lord and on the right track. She told me to remember to always be myself and that there is only one me in the world. God does not want me or anyone to compare ourselves to others and there is a purpose for everyone. Even our finger print is unique.


So today I want to tell y’all that don’t forget to be yourself and do not change for anyone. Do not be afraid to let people know you are a Christian.

Happy Monday

Stay Blessed and Have a blessed week


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